Worth Knowing

Green Resources Links

The Sustainable Sites Initiative
The Sustainable Sites Initiative
Turffiles Centere
Turf Irrigation Management
System from NCSU
Water-wise works
Water Wise Works Brochure
Waterwise works
Water Wise Watering Tips Brochure
Planet Green
9 Ways to Save Water in the Garden
Eco Lawn and Garden
Eco Lawn and Garden News
Plant Disease and Insect Clinic at NCSU
Green Releaf
Composting turns yard waste,
food scraps into beneficial soil
Carolina Green Industry Network

What Is EDL Doing To Go Green:

  • Using Bio – solids and organics in our fertilization and chemical applications
  • Composting leaves and paper to create rich top soil
  • Expanding our fleet of Propane Mowers
  • Conservation of Fuel
  • Recycling – paper, plastics, ink cartridges, toner cartridges and aluminum
  • Going paperless wherever possible in our communication
  • Duplex printing large documents to save on paper
  • Turning used paper into scratch pads
  • Using recyclable batteries in digital cameras, cordless keyboards and mice
  • Unplugging chargers from the wall when not in use
  • Shutting off monitors and printers every day to save Energy
  • Shutting off computers on the Weekends
  • Rainwater Collection