Taking an Innovative Approach to Energy Sector Property Management

At Environmental Design Landscape Inc, we look beyond the basics to drive incremental asset value and protect your investments in equipment and human capital.

While each scenario is different, EDL has the experience with our municipality clients to help you manage these efficiently and safely.

Landscape Management





Overgrown plant life creates risk, especially at a substation. Weeds and plants growing through the gravel base layer around the equipment creates hazards for workers, as well as putting expensive equipment at risk.

Custom Scheduling

We survey each property to determine the optimal maintenance schedule. Mowing, trimming and herbicide treatments are performed at a radius that will reduce the amount of disruption and distractions.

EDL will put a “fresh set of eyes” on your existing property maintenance plans. We apply our years of experience to work for you, and unlock savings opportunities that can only be found through a partnership with Environmental Design Landscape, Inc.