Our Culture: A Commitment to Leadership and Service

Communication is the Key to Personal and Professional Growth

img15We want to attract people who desire to become more: whether that means personal growth or professional growth. The desire to be better is at the core of our company values.

We believe as an organization that we have an obligation to share this desire for personal growth; with our employees, with our clients and through the community at large. By communicating these core values, exploring concepts and sharing ideas, we look to generate exponential growth, both individually and collectively.

Collaboration Creates Superior Value

img17It all starts with our investment in our employees. By supporting our teams with weekly and monthly open forums, we make sure the lines of communication are clear and open from our executive team, to our managers to our workers “in the field”.

Ideas for innovation can come from anywhere, and we know that the “right fit” for EDL is the person who takes an active interest in being better at all aspects of life, including but not limited to their on-the-job performance. Are you the right fit for EDL? Contact us at contact@edlnc.com and let’s learn more about each other.