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Charlotte, NC Rainfall: 3 Ways Too Much Water Damages Your Landscape

Erosion affects property values

An extreme example of erosion threatening property values.

Typically by this time of year, Charlotte area landscapers are concerned with stress to plants and landscape caused by drought and intense heat.  This year, the weather has been dramatically different, with at least some rain nearly every day in July. While the typical school of thought is more water=good for plants and grass, this much precipitation – this quickly has its own adverse affects.

  1. Soil Erosion – the most obvious downside to wet weather can be soil erosion.  Bare earth and dirt washed away subtly changes the slope of your landscape, which can create additional problems down the line. Ground cover shrubs and vines can help alleviate excessive erosion, but it’s important to keep an eye on developing patterns in your property.Left unchecked, erosion can not only destroy your landscape, but threaten your building structures as well, damaging foundations, and encouraging conditions that lead to flooding
  2. Ponding – Standing water on your property creates a number of issues.  You can literally drown plants and grass, and invite blight and disease. Additionally, standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitos and other pests.Typically, it begins with a small puddle that if ignored  can affect structures like houses, apartments and businesses.
  3. Weakening Root Systems – The hidden cost of too much water is under the ground.  With excessive water readily available, new and recently transplanted vegetation is not encouraged to develop deep, healthy root systems.  While these plants may look great today, when water is less plentiful, they won’t have the roots necessary to extract moisture from deeper in the earth, where moisture can be retained for longer periods of time. This creates a need for additional irrigation to supply water to a shallow root system in times of drought.

Water Management in both drought and wet conditions extends the life-cycle of your plants. Keep them, healthy to protect your asset value and minimize your ongoing maintenance, irrigation and replacement expenses.

For an assessment of your property, contact the team at Environmental Design Landscape. We can help protect your existing landscape investment and assist in planning your next project to maximize your asset values.

Plants are Assets – Make the Most of Them!

landscape_designOften, plants trees and shrubs are seen as an afterthought, or a necessary evil by property owners. We all know we need to provide landscaping for curb appeal, but sometimes we’re thinking of it as a cost which must be minimized, rather than as the asset they can be, increasing the value of your land by far more than the expense to create a beautiful first impression.

For a multifamily property owner, nothing sets the tone of a community like a well-maintained common area at the entrances. A stately monument sign, surrounded by well manicured grass, flowers and shrubs says “this property is well-taken care of”, and welcomes the potential tenant to explore further towards the leasing office.

At the same time, neglected landscaping can be a major liability. Not only can it turn away potential revenue through negative curb appeal, but it can also create dangers that leave you open to liability. Overgrown vegetation can damage your proerty, as well as obstruct sightlines for drivers and pedestrians. Proper maintenance, through regular cutting, pruning and vegetation management protects your investment, and brings the peace of mind – knowing you’ve not opened yourself up to unnecessary expense, or even potential litigation from an accident

Call Mark and the team at Environmental Design Landscape today, to schedule a meeting to review your property’s potential to increase asset value and minimize any risks or liabilities a poor landscaping plan may cause..