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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Plants are Assets – Make the Most of Them!

landscape_designOften, plants trees and shrubs are seen as an afterthought, or a necessary evil by property owners. We all know we need to provide landscaping for curb appeal, but sometimes we’re thinking of it as a cost which must be minimized, rather than as the asset they can be, increasing the value of your land by far more than the expense to create a beautiful first impression.

For a multifamily property owner, nothing sets the tone of a community like a well-maintained common area at the entrances. A stately monument sign, surrounded by well manicured grass, flowers and shrubs says “this property is well-taken care of”, and welcomes the potential tenant to explore further towards the leasing office.

At the same time, neglected landscaping can be a major liability. Not only can it turn away potential revenue through negative curb appeal, but it can also create dangers that leave you open to liability. Overgrown vegetation can damage your proerty, as well as obstruct sightlines for drivers and pedestrians. Proper maintenance, through regular cutting, pruning and vegetation management protects your investment, and brings the peace of mind – knowing you’ve not opened yourself up to unnecessary expense, or even potential litigation from an accident

Call Mark and the team at Environmental Design Landscape today, to schedule a meeting to review your property’s potential to increase asset value and minimize any risks or liabilities a poor landscaping plan may cause..